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​Todd Proffit is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to Real Estate.  With his background in Brokering, Appraising, Contracting, Developing, Hard Money Lending, Flipping, and Teaching he has been a cornerstone to my education in making it in Real Estate.  I met him 12 months ago on the river when I was a cabinet maker and a wanta-be real estate investor, since then with the knowledge he has given me I have flipped 6 properties, held 2 cash flowing rental properties, and am currently under contract to buy a foreclosed 80 lot development.  Before I met him I had to beg any bank to give me any loan, on their terms.  Now I am able to shop the banks to get the best terms.  Todd's passion for Real Estate is obvious as soon as you meet him and, coupled with his extensive experience, he is an asset in any Real Estate transaction, no matter what the scope.

Anthony & Sandy Aveil, Vail, Colorado

Todd Proffit and Christine Pearson helped us to make money in real estate without a lot of hard work, we never thought that was possible after our prior experiences in a down market.They have since become friends and have our many thanks.

​Michael Hoerl, Avon, Colorado

Thank you Todd for your time and effort on my deal! I appreciate the extra effort.

Craig Gundlach, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Thanks Todd. I was so excited about what I have seen that I asked if I could join.Todd has provided many opportunities for us and our gains have been amazing!

Cheers, Jason Thompson

We have been investing in Todd Proffit and his properties for a few years now. I was introduced to Todd after one of my Investors, I was backing, put fire to the house we were vested in.Todd took on the project, renovated, sold and paid me off. Great job! He took a home that no one else would and made it profitable.They have since done many flips with our money at a 15% APR. We recommend him and give them our highest regard.

John Edmiston
Mountain States Home LLC